CLASS 1 A for house without chimney breast at home, for caravan and open fiires, installation guide

8" and 10" Poujoulat Twin wall insulated flue pipe

8" and 10" Poujoulat Twinwall is a special order part. This means once we have received the goods, after payment, we are unable to accept returns.
Prices are available upon request. 

Parts available are as follows:

Vit to TI adaptor
Prima+ to TI adaptor
Increasing Appliance connector
390mm connector pipe*
950mm Connector pipe*
Mounting plate with spigot
Firechest support plate

1150mm pipe
950mm pipe
450mm pipe
250mm pipe
100mm pipe
Short adjustable 150-250mm
Long adjustable 350-450mm
Pressure adjustable 200-300mm
Pressure adjustable 300-450mm
350mm inspection pipe
400mm inspection pipe
450mm inspection pipe
550mm inspection pipe
Reinforced locking band
Seal for condensing appliances

5deg bend
15deg bend
30deg bend
40deg bend
45deg bend
90deg bend
90deg tee
135deg tee
Wall sleeve (135deg)
Insulated base / tee plug
Insulated side drain plug
Insulated drain plug

Wall bracket
Adj. Arms 5-20cm
Adj. Arms 20-40cm
Galv. Wall support adj. 5-20cm
SS adjustable wall support 5-20cm
SS wall support 20-40cm
Galv. Wall support plate only
Joist support
SS adj. Floor support
Rafter support
Support band
Universal ring
Basic fire stop
Ventilated fire stop plate
Adjustable fire stop plate ##
Cover ring with magnets*
Wall cover ring ##
Flue enclosure kit ^
Enclosure band ^^
Enclosure mesh ^^^
Fixing kit ^^^^

Cone top insulated
Rain Cap
Rain Cap & birdguard
Vented Cap
Weathering top
Top adaptor to single wall
Adaptor to aspirotor

15-30deg adj. Flashing inc. storm collar
30-45deg flashing inc. storm collar
Flat flashing inc. storm collar
Storm Collar