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Cathedral 10 - 19.5kw Boiler Cast Iron Multifuel Stove  The Cathedral is a stunning large stove with a stylised cathedral glass door. This stove is simply breathtaking when seen lit. Popular favourite as a wood burner for French holiday houses as it can easily take a 500mm / 1/2 metre long log. Equally well suited to wood burning as it is coal and smokeless fuel.
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Huntsman 7 - 15kw Boiler Cast Iron Stove - clearance model

The Huntsman is a striking, heavy weight and very simplistic cast iron solid fuel stove double doors and large pyroceramic glass viewing windows. For some reason, these pictures make it look really huge and butch - where in reality it appears much more refined!

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The Windsor is a workhorse of a stove and the quality is simply superb. It's popular with people who have open plan houses or those completing barn conversions. It really chucks out serious heat.
Large glass arched door with separate ash door below.