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Burley Wakerley 9112 18.3kw Max, 12kw nominal Wood Burning StoveBRAND NEW - CLEARANCE PRICE

Heat output - 12kw nominal, 18.3kw maximum
Flue outlet - 6" diameter
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Cathedral Cast Iron Multifuel Stove 12kw+ The Cathedral is a stunning large stove with a stylised cathedral glass door. This stove is simply breathtaking when seen lit. Popular favourite as a wood burner for French holiday houses as it can easily take a 500mm / 1/2 metre long log. Equally well suited to wood burning as it is coal and smokeless fuel.
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The Fogo  is a very elegant looking medium sized multi-fuel and wood burning stove with a good sized internal firebox. Comes with removable handles and brass top vent. Superior fire view with 3 pyroceramic glass viewing panes.
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Fogo DOUBLE SIDED Cast Iron Stove - 12 to 14kw max The Fogo Double Sided is the narrowest double sided stove model we do. It does however have a deeper internal firebox than the victorianna model, so despite being physically narrower - it has a higher heat output.

12 > 14kw max (7 > 10 best efficiency at 75.04%)