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Burley Wakerley 9112 18.3kw Max, 12kw nominal Wood Burning StoveBRAND NEW - CLEARANCE PRICE

Heat output - 12kw nominal, 18.3kw maximum
Flue outlet - 6" diameter
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Cathedral Cast Iron Multifuel Stove 12kw+ The Cathedral is a stunning large stove with a stylised cathedral glass door. This stove is simply breathtaking when seen lit. Popular favourite as a wood burner for French holiday houses as it can easily take a 500mm / 1/2 metre long log. Equally well suited to wood burning as it is coal and smokeless fuel.
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The Fogo  is a very elegant looking medium sized multi-fuel and wood burning stove with a good sized internal firebox. Comes with removable handles and brass top vent. Superior fire view with 3 pyroceramic glass viewing panes.
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Fogo DOUBLE SIDED Cast Iron Stove - 12 to 14kw max The Fogo Double Sided is the narrowest double sided stove model we do. It does however have a deeper internal firebox than the victorianna model, so despite being physically narrower - it has a higher heat output.

12 > 14kw max (7 > 10 best efficiency at 75.04%)

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Modeno cast iron stove 14kw max

The Modeno - a very contemporary / retro looking solid fuel stove with some fantastic features. It's pet name in our Attleborough showroom is the "Dalek" due to the purposeful holes in the outer casing for convecting heat.