Burley Wakerley 9112 18.3kw Max, 12kw nominal Wood Burning Stove

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Burley Wakerley 9112 18.3kw Max, 12kw nominal Wood Burning Stove
  • Burley Wakerley 9112 18.3kw Max, 12kw nominal Wood Burning Stove
  • Burley Wakerley 9112 18.3kw Max, 12kw nominal Wood Burning Stove
Burley WAKERLEY 9112 Wood Burning stove. 


This stove is shown without cover plate*, inserted into a standard fireplace opening.


Heat output - 12kw nominal, 18.3kw maximum

Efficiency rating  : 84.1%

Flue outlet - 6" diameter

Height : 780mm
Width : 750mm
Depth : 405mm

The WAKERLEY takes a maximum log length of 580mm long x 150mm / 6" wide

Air vent to outside wall IS required, unless stove is room sealed
This stove can be fitted on a 12mm thick hearth.

This stove has a 5 year warranty on all welded steel components

Weight : 130kg



The convection holes are a feature of the stoves to increase efficiency. A cover plate is provided free of charge and may be fitted to cover the holes (without reducing efficiency) if preferred.


An optional extended base is available for all models. This is the perfect accompaniment for stand alone installations where height needs to be emphasised. The base also doubles as an area for storing logs. This item is a separate component and fits to the standard height stoves


Burley stoves are specifically designed and sold as WOOD BURNERS, but Burley do produce a multi fuel grate for some of their models which is available as an optional extra. Multifuel grate is not available for Springdale model.

BURLEY - The most efficient wood burning stove in the world.

The idea which drove the design of the Burley stove was to invent the cleanest burning and most energy efficient wood burning stove possible. At up to 89.8% efficient, with innovative technology which has been developed to extract the heat and keep it in your house. 

A tubular framework channels air from the intake at the rear, around the fuel bed where it is preheated. The framework extends up each corner of the combustion chamber where the hot air is injected horizontally along the inside of the stove. This creates a vortex, which spins anticlockwise and ensures every area of the firebox receives exactly the right amount of oxygen.

"The Fireball effect is phenominal.... we don't watch telly anymore...... just the woodburner"

The Burley Fireball range of wood burning stoves are the result of thousands of hours of deigning and prototyping, based and inspired by over 100 years of experience in the heating industry.

Designed, developed and manufactured entirely in the United Kingdom, the Burley range boasts advances which result in unsurpassed fuel efficiency and clean burning. This is made possible by the patented FIREBALL method of introducing air.

The flame picture created when burning by this method is so impressive that to do it justice the largest possible glass door had to be developed.