Mendip Churchill 8 SE - 8kw Multi Fuel Stove, UNUSED, EX SHOWROOM DISPLAY

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Mendip Churchill 8 SE - 8kw Multi Fuel Stove, UNUSED, EX SHOWROOM DISPLAY
The Churchill exudes contemporary style, the stove has a softly curving glass door and easy open chromium handle which adds sophistication to the Churchill stove. The Churchill radiant model range is available in a choice of outputs from 4.5kw to 10kw nominal - so you can be sure that you will be getting the correctly sized stove that looks stylish and has the latest technology incorporated into your room.

Control of your stove is easy with the unique universal air controlling system from Mendip. Combustion air is adjusted with a single cool touch lever which precisely directs combustion air and better enables better efficiency and more complete combustion of the wood fuel.

Churchill models are designed with an external air connection which allows combustion air to come from outside and not from the room. Another example of clever thinking from Mendip

Curved glass door
Air cooled handle
Cast iron grate
Multi Fuel
Closed combustion
Single Air control
Vermiculite lined interior
100mm clearance distance at the rear to combustibles
DEFRA APPROVED - for smokeless zones / 6" flue systems

Specifications :

Dimensions : 606mm High x 510mm Wide x 460mm Deep

Tested output : 8kw nominal on wood, 8kw nominal on coal
Efficiency : 82.3% on wood, 80.8% on coal

Clearance to combustibles : 100mm at rear, 350mm at sides

Distance from rear to centre of top outlet : 140mm
Height from floor to centre of rear outlet : 551mm

Flue outlet dia : 150mm