Cast Iron Wood Retaining Bar - Eltham Multi Fuel Stove Spares

Cast Iron Wood Retaining Bar - Eltham Multi Fuel Stove Spares

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In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch

Model:  repretbarelth

This is replacement wood retaining bar for use in the Eltham multi-fuel / wood burning cast iron stoves we have sold for many years. It also fits the Suffolk Stoves Orford model and the Evergreen ST0311c model 

There are two adjusting screws on this bar to allow it to be correctly positioned and stabilised within the stove. These are easily removed if not required. 

This cast iron part is put in the stove with the coal grate removed and wood is burned on a bed of ash or sand (at least 1" thick) on the base of the stove. The retainer bar is there to stop logs rolling out. Please remember that all new cast iron parts require seasoning - as you would with a new stove. 

Please use measurements given to check if it will fit other stove models not originally purchased from us.

Maximum measurements are given below.

Width : 285mm ( 11.25" approx)
Height : 127mm (5" approx)

Coal grate available in separate listing


PLEASE make sure you ALWAYS season / cure new cast iron parts as you would with new stove.

For best lifespan, NEVER burn wood and coal TOGETHER at the same time. This is what they do in foundries to melt metals and drastically shortens the lifespan of parts. Burn wood on a bed of ash (use a metal plate on top of the coal grate if it isn't a removable one) and coal / smokeless fuel on a coal grate with clear air space above ashes. Be sure to empty ash pans under coal grates daily and don't allow ashes to bank up under bars.

Coal grates, baffles and lining panels are classed as consumable spare parts