Replacement Door Key Fitting Tool / Universal Type Handle - Ash Pan Tool / Lifter

Replacement Door Key Fitting Tool / Universal Type Handle - Ash Pan Tool / Lifter

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In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch

Model:  DKHAND


Most old wood burning / multi fuel stoves had a tapered square knob on the door which required one of these tools to properly open and close the appliance. You use the key and then put it down again, rather than the handle remaining attached to the door.

This universal tool can also be used to riddle some appliances (see photos) by using the tail end of the key as well as doubling up as an ash pan lifting tool. As you can see - it's a really handy piece of kit !

Maximum measurements are given below.

Width (across head): 42mm
Length : 225mm approx

The square hole in the tool is approx 22mm square on the widest side and 19mm on the narrower side.
The square tapered door knob as shown measured roughly 16mm square at the front end of the fitting and 22mm at the thickest part of the fitting.

Basically - as long as your square stove knob is anywhere between 16mm and 20mm at the narrowest point, these universal door keys are perfect !


PLEASE make sure you ALWAYS season / cure new cast iron parts as you would with new stove.

For best lifespan, NEVER burn wood and coal TOGETHER at the same time. This is what they do in foundries to melt metals and drastically shortens the lifespan of parts. Burn wood on a bed of ash (use a metal plate on top of the coal grate if it isn't a removable one) and coal / smokeless fuel on a coal grate with clear air space above ashes. Be sure to empty ash pans under coal grates daily and don't allow ashes to bank up under bars.

Coal grates, baffles and lining panels are classed as consumable spare parts.


Help and advice regarding flue pipes, liner, accessories and fittings available. We are happy to quote required parts needed for fitting and these can ship together with your stove if required.

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