Thueros /  Thuros Table Top Smoker - Portable Hot / Cold Smoking Cabinet + FREE 2.5kg Charcoal

Thueros / Thuros Table Top Smoker - Portable Hot / Cold Smoking Cabinet + FREE 2.5kg Charcoal

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In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch

Brand:  Thuros

Shown, is my own Theuros table top smoking cabinet (known as Thuros in the UK). Theuros is a German manufacturer of smoking cabinets and barbeques. These are high quality stainless steel units, beautifully constructed and made to last.

The Theuros table top smoking cabinet is a compact little hot and cold smoker. It's small, fairly light weight and perfectly portable. The all stainless steel construction means it's weatherproof should you wish to leave it over night outdoors during a smoking session. The cabinet seals well and is therefore also vermin proof.

You can see in the above photos that this little unit is surprisingly spacious. I loaded it up tonight with two x 1kg pork loins that I've cured. These are ready now to smoke and when done, will turn into the most awesome home made, home cured back bacon.

On the top shelf, there are also two x 350g blocks of medium cheddar cheese. These were standard cut blocks from the supermarket. The narrow end is showing to the front. I'll photograph them again when I take them back out...

Inside, it has a hanging rail at the top, should you wish to suspend food - such as sausages and fish from hooks.

Beneath the cheese and bacon, there is a little lift out dust tray. In the photo above, you will notice I've filled it with a mix of maple and beech wood dusts, ready to light.

I should have taken a few more photos, but there is a drawer below the lift out wood dust tray. The drawer has a removable grate inside for burning charcoal for hot smoking (when you DO want heat). The temperature and air draw is controlled by a sliding vent at the bottom and another at the top on the left hand side.

Overall measurements : 55cm x 40cm x 30cm

Made from food grade stainless steel

Comprises of :

Outer cabinet
Two removable shelves
Dust Tray (can be used with dust for cold smoking or chips above charcoal when hot smoking)
Bottom drawer - for charcoal (when hot smoking)
Charcoal grate (fits inside drawer)
Carrying handle (fit with the 2 x screws provided)
Hanging rack (should you wish to suspend meat / fish during smoking - NO hooks included)
Locking door handle mechanism (easy to fit, requires no tools)

To get you started, we'll throw in a bag of Thureos branded charcoal free to get you going :-)

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