Ooni / Uuni Koda - The Portable Gas Fired Pizza Oven
Ooni / Uuni Koda - The Portable Gas Fired Pizza OvenOoni / Uuni Koda - The Portable Gas Fired Pizza OvenOoni / Uuni Koda - The Portable Gas Fired Pizza OvenOoni / Uuni Koda - The Portable Gas Fired Pizza Oven

Ooni / Uuni Koda - The Portable Gas Fired Pizza Oven

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Model:  kodaonly
Brand:  Uuni

Ooni Koda  - the portable, gas pizza oven. New product launch for 2019 from the Ooni / Uuni people and everything and more that you would expect it to be.

You are possibly already familiar with the Uuni 3 (now re-named Ooni 3) portable wood pellet pizza oven. This is a terrific product and FANTASTIC fun to use. Makes wood fired pizzas in just 60 seconds. 

Well - the Ooni Koda does very similar, but cooks stone baked pizzas outdoors using gas.

Ooni realised that some people who love damn good pizza just want the convenience stone baked pizza run on gas. The Ooni Koda is very sleek design, portable and lightweight. Like the Uuni 3, it's legs fold up for packing away and transit. Ooni Koda comes with the regulator ready to use out the box. All you need is to buy your patio gas and it's good to go.... whether you buy a small bottle for  lightweight portability or a big bottle for better value and more regular use... the choice is yours.

It takes just 10 minutes to heat up from cold and then, like the Uuni 3, the Ooni Koda takes only 60 seconds to bake up to a 13" diameter pizza. Due to the constant even heat from gas, the stone reheats faster - so it's easier to make lots of pizzas back to back. No worrying about having to top up with pellets every 5 > 10 mins... where to buy or when to order the next bag of fuel. A bottle of gas lasts a long time and can be exchanged at loads of sites across the UK. Perfect for ultimate speed, portability and convenience.

Ooni Koda features one-touch gas ignition and an adjustable heat control knob for cooking restaurant-quality pizza in just 60 seconds. Ready right out of the box, Ooni Koda is powered by gas and requires minimal assembly – simply flip open the foldable legs, insert the cordierite stone baking board, and connect to a gas tank. 

Use the simple heat control knob to cook everything from fantastic pizza, to chargrilled fish, roast vegetables and seared steaks. 

Key features
• Durable, powder-coated steel shell for superior heat retention and weather resistance
• One-touch gas ignition for fast, easy cooking 
• Adjustable heat control knob for reaching a broad range of temperatures
• High-quality, large cordierite stone baking board locks in heat and fully cooks pizza bases
• Waterfall effect flame distribution for efficient cooking and well-distributed heat
• Built-in flame keeper maximizes heat and directs flame towards food
• Doorless front for quick access and watching food as it cooks
• Fully portable, Ooni Koda can be moved with ease
• No chimney required plus foldable legs for easy storage
Unpackaged dimensions - 60 x 39 x 17 cm

Unpackaged weight - 10kg


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