Prima Smooth 150mm Closure Plate Adaptor Kit

Prima Smooth 150mm Closure Plate Adaptor Kit

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Model:  SKUSFPS150-CP
Brand:  prima smooth
Length:  N/A
Diameter:  150mm
System:  Prima Smooth
Fitting Type:  Closure Plate
Fixed or Adjustable:  Fixed
Access Door:  No

Adaptor to flexible liner, (screw type), with extended tail and cover ring to make a neat penetration through a register plate.

Lightweight, precision engineered product, fabricated from high quality 316L grade stainless steel single wall flue system with a wall thickness of 1mm.

Prima Smooth can be used as a connecting flue pipe between an appliance and chimney system. It has also been tested and approved for use as an alternative to a flexible stainless steel liner for re-lining an existing chimney.

Designed for use on atmospheric wood burning and multi fuel appliances with continuous operating temperatures of up to 600°C.

Push fit jointing system designed to give a smooth visual appearance. Locking bands are sold separately and are used to provide extra support where there is an offset in the system, and may also be used to clamp joints when Prima Smooth is being lowered down a chimney as a chimney liner.

Manufactured under BS EN ISO 9001

Corrosion certificate from TÜV

Listed by HETAS as a suitable product for solid fuel.

Connecting flue pipe

T600 NI W V2 L50060 GXX NM (XX = 3 x ? ID of pipe), T600 NI W V2 L50100 GXX NM (XX = 3 x ? ID of pipe).

Chimney Liner.

T600 NI D V2 L50060 G.

T600 NI D V2 L50100 G.