Standard Ozpig Chargrill and Drip Tray
Standard Ozpig Chargrill and Drip TrayStandard Ozpig Chargrill and Drip TrayStandard Ozpig Chargrill and Drip Tray

Standard Ozpig Chargrill and Drip Tray




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Model:  OZP003-01
Brand:  Ozpig

The name of the game for the Ozpig Char Grill and Drip tray is real Authentic wood fired flavours.

The 3kg Cast iron char grill plate is coated in enamel to provide an extremely durable, long lasting surface that will provide you with years of meals. There is no need to pre-season or remove any wax coating, it's good to go straight out of the box. The grill is housed on top of the Ozpig on a stainless steel drip tray which is perfect to protect the outside surface of the Ozpig from any dripping fats or oils that can burn and foul the paint. The grill can be used straight over a timber fire/coals or in conjunction with the heatbead basket using briquettes or lump charcoal.

Fits Ozpig Standard Series 1 and Series 2 models


The method of Char Grilling is pretty simple. Place food on a screaming hot grill directly over a fuel source such as charcoal or briquettes, but for best mouthwatering results preferably a real timber fire. The high direct heat chars the surface of the food creating a superbly tantalizing crust whether it's protein or vegetables the flavour is intensified immensely, while the smoke and flareups from dripping juices also add to that unique traditional wood taste.

Tips to get the most from your Char Grill:

For best results start early and prepare a good bed of coals, certain foods such as steaks benefit from flames licking at the surface whereas other foods such as vegetables fare best with a lower even type of heat.
Place grill plate on when there are no flames to prevent cracking.
Allow grill plate to heat fully before adding food.
Where possible coat the food in oil before placing on the grill plate to prevent sticking.
The Char Grill plate can be used in conjunction with the heat bead basket, rotisserie or as a combination of both.
When cooking on the rotisserie, vegetables can be char grilled around the edge of the char grill plate while the meat spins.
Use a wire brush to brush any burnt food off the plate after each use and finish with a light coat of cooking oil to keep it in tip top shape.

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