Std Size Cast Iron Baked Potato Cooker (Holds 2 Potatoes) - Wire Lift Handle
Std Size Cast Iron Baked Potato Cooker (Holds 2 Potatoes) - Wire Lift HandleStd Size Cast Iron Baked Potato Cooker (Holds 2 Potatoes) - Wire Lift HandleStd Size Cast Iron Baked Potato Cooker (Holds 2 Potatoes) - Wire Lift HandleStd Size Cast Iron Baked Potato Cooker (Holds 2 Potatoes) - Wire Lift Handle

Std Size Cast Iron Baked Potato Cooker (Holds 2 Potatoes) - Wire Lift Handle

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In stock, immediate despatch

Model:  BPC-Std-wire

Std Cast Iron BAKED POTATO COOKER - For use on top of wood burning / multi fuel stoves / bbqs / camping

What's better than a jacket potato ? A jacket potato cooked on top of  your wood burner or multifuel stove !


Basically - it makes use of the surface heat, which in turn, transfers to the cast iron pod. The pod gets hot and evenly cooks your jacket potatoes. It's also very easy to open to have a look and see what's happening inside. 

THIS IS NOT JUST FOR POTATOES - It's basically a really funky cast iron cooking pod. I've cooked all sorts of things in these such as small slow cooked meat joints and casseroles.

 After all, if you already have your stove lit, why bother turning the oven on ?

It's not fast, but it's as green and energy efficient of cooking that you will ever find.....  It's SLOW cooking when used on top of a wood stove - but uses residual heat you are creating anyway.


 215mm / 8.5" wide x 160mm / 6.5" deep x 160mm / 6.5" high

The time taken to cook your potatoes is very variable, as it depends on how hot your fire is burning. We generally put some on the showroom stoves around 9am and they are perfectly done by lunchtime. On the odd occasion we've been really busy and forgotten about them, the potatoes have still been perfectly good even an hour or two later. The shop stove is a big stove and heating a big area - so running at quite a good heat and not slow burning. 

Our pod is not in full contact with the top of your stove however, and as your potato is totally encased in cast iron, this creates a lovely, even bake without the mess. Also ideal for cooking roast chestnuts. It basically steams on the inside. Crank the heat up at the hend or leave the lid open at the end and flip the potato a couple of times to dry the surface and crisp. 

With potatoes, lightly oil before putting in the pot. Putting some slits in the potato is optional, but does make them cook a bit quicker. 

You can also use this on top of a gas hob or in an electric oven. In my electric oven, it takes baked potatoes from about 1.5 hours to cook to 1 hour. Works well on the bbq too (used with bbq lid down preferably)

This cast iron baked potato cooker is small enough to fit on top of most stoves, yet big enough to hold two medium (250g / fist sized) potatoes, a load of little ones or one gigantic spud. The bigger the potato, the longer it will take to cook.

We recomend pre-heating the pod open on top of your stove first (fully open and both sides in contact with the stove top) and then putting in potatoes which are room temperature rather than straight out the fridge. Similarly.... if you are running your stove really low - the temperature of the top and therefore potato cooker is cooking takes a lot longer. It's all relative ! 

Do wear oven gloves when handling and lifting, as the pod will get very very hot.

 NOTE - Your cast iron baked potato cooker requires seasoning before first use.

For use on top of wood burning / multi fuel stoves : use a little sunflower / vegetable oil on some kitchen roll and lightly oil inside only. Sit the BPC on top of your stove for at least 2 evenings when the stove is being used before cooking for the first time. 

For use in an open fire : start with building a small fire. Put the BPC in the fire for approx 15 mins. Remove and allow to cool. Repeat but for 30 mins, then 1hour and 2 hours - each time, removing and allowing to cool. This allows the metal to expand and contract and harden. You will need tools such as a shovel / gloves to lift in and out. Take care- cast iron in fire gets hot. You cannot lift out of fire with gloves.


Once seasoned, lightly oil your baked potato and place inside the BPC until cooked. You may turn over during cooking if required. Do not use salt on your BP during cooking in the pod as this will encourage additional draw of moisture and may encourage the BPC to surface rust.

The baked potato cooker should never need "washed" - but wipe over if required and lightly oil inside with a sunflower / vegetable oil on kitchen roll (as you would a wok) to protect and prevent rust.