The Chimney Cleaning Log - burn before sweeping to help crystalise tar deposits

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In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch

Model:  CCLOG

The Chimney Cleaning Log is suitable for use with open fires, wood burning stoves, multi fuel stoves, furnaces and open fires.

Please note that this product does NOT mean that your chimney will not need cleaned !!

Place the Chimney Cleaning Log on the embers of the previous fire. It will burn for approx 90 mins. After that, leave any remains of this item in the stove and resume normal fires.

The burning of the log results in a chemical reaction which takes 1 > 2 weeks to complete and will crystalise creosote deposits in the chimney / flue which means more of it comes out when sweeping.

Burning wet fuel or lots of long, low and slow burns will cause creosote / tar build up. If it's really bad, professional treatments such as cre-away (mega expensive) may be the only course of option - so proper use of your appliance and regular sweeping and maintenance is essential.