Hellfire Halo (Large - 21.5 inch - fits 57cm Weber / Large Kamados) - Cast Iron Bbq Grill Set

Hellfire Halo (Large - 21.5 inch - fits 57cm Weber / Large Kamados) - Cast Iron Bbq Grill Set

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In stock, immediate despatch

Model:  halo2
Brand:  Hellfire

This is our registered design HELLFIRE HALO 3 pc cast iron grill set, which comes in various sizes.

This listing is for the large set, which has a outside diameter of 54.5cm and will fit 57cm kettle bbq's (such as Weber), larger size ceramic Kamado bbq's with a 24" outside dia (such as Monolith Le Chef, Big Joe and Extra Large Size Big Green Egg).

The large set is very heavy at approx 12.5kg of cast iron, which offers exceptional heat retaining properties.


The design is such that it allows completely controlled bbq without burning your food. The centre cast iron grill is perfect for searing steaks and showing your food a bit of flame. Because all the air is only in the centre, it also creates a vortex cooking effect - so the centre section will get very hot. However, this is a superb balance to the controlled heat of the outer halo. When you have shown your food the desired amount of flame, it can continue cooking on the more sedate outer area

The  outer cooking plates are double sided. One side is flat - so you can cook homemade muffins, crumpets, pancakes, fish, fried eggs etc - whilst the other side is ridged to give beautiful grill lines on your meat. I can easily now cook almost anything I fancy on the bbq - especially whole meals ... all the meat and vegetables easily at the same time.

The fact that the set is 3 pieces, allows easy cleaning in the sink (that's where you can really tell it was designed by a woman !)

The large 54.5cm size Hellfire Halo Grill has recessed food grade stainless steel joining bands. These are not needed for Kamado grills, but in kettle and drum bbq's they hold the two outer pieces snugly together.For ease of use, we include a metal lifting tool. This allows removal of the centre grill when hot, should you wish to re-fuel through the centre hole** Don't forget that it is the nature of cast iron to rust outdoors if left unprotected. Seasoning of cast iron cookware is strongly recommended and instruction leaflet on how to do so is enclosed ** 

See youtube video here as an example :


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