LARGE Modifiable Cast Iron Stove Lining Panel - 600 x 200mm approx (suits Warm King, King Fire, Best Fire)

LARGE Modifiable Cast Iron Stove Lining Panel - 600 x 200mm approx (suits Warm King, King Fire, Best Fire)

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In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch

Model:  LGcustbackpan
Brand:  Natural Heating

Modifiable replacement cast iron rear / side lining panel (single) for cast iron stoves.

We became increasingly frustrated with inability to help customers when stove manufacturers would discontinue spare parts without any warning... As a result, we came up with our own solution and our modifiable lining panels help many customers repair older units. 

These are a relatively easy fit into most Best Fire / Warm Fire / King Fire stove models.

This panels are available in two sizes - 600mm x 200mm and 400mm x 200mm and the cast iron is embossed with a brick style pattern to match with the original interior look of many of these stoves.

A ridge / ledge runs the entire length of the panel. Normally, back liners have a little ledge in the middle to rest the baffle plate. It does not have the little retaining ridges on the side that side panels slot into - simply because this panel is designed for you to be able to cut to size. When using as a back liner, you will need to cut away approx 1 inch or so of the top ridge using an angle grinder after cutting to desired length.

After that, we suggest drilling a couple of holes in the panel approx 1 inch in from both sides and inserting a short bolt with nut to the front and back of the iron panel. These bolts then keep the side panels in the correct place (as original panels tended to slot together)

THIS IS THE LARGE PANEL - measuring approx 600mm x 200mm.

The large panel is ideal for replacing back liners in larger stoves, or using to cut into two pieces to use as side lining panels

**Note**  This is a modifiable panel. It comes with NO instructions and you need to modify to your requirements to fit your particular stove. If you have questions, you are welcome to call us to discuss.

It is your responsibility to check measurements and photos against the replacement stove parts you are purchasing to check they will fit your wood burning / multi fuel stoves.

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