4 x Replacement Rounded Stove Glass Clips

4 x Replacement Rounded Stove Glass Clips



15 in stock, immediate despatch  

15 in stock, immediate despatch

Model:  glassclips-rounded
Brand:  Natural Heating

Width of clips : 14.5mm approx

Length of clips : 26.5mm approx

When purchasing this item, you will receive 4 x identical replacement / spare stove glass clips as shown below. 

These are aftermarket glass clips, suitable for most wood burning and multi-fuel stoves. They are NOT supplied with nuts, screws or washers as these vary so much between brands and models. We recommend that you fit a spring washer behind the screw head (or behind the nut if using a small threaded stud)

We have shown the clips both ways up in the picture below. The picture above is for your convenience and shoes how they should be fitted.

PLEASE make sure you ALWAYS change the stove rope beneath the glass at the same time as replacing stove glass.
Failure to do so may well result in your glass breaking ! Stove glass needs good cushioning to allow expansion and contraction during application of heat.

Also, do the clips up hand tight for first small fire and then check tension and tighten a bit more for next fire once glass is settling into place.