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Our Story - Natural Heating (Wood Burning and Multi Fuel Stoves) - Attleborough, Norfolk

We were originally a small family company, founded in Scotland in 1982. Back then, Helen and Matthew started as engineering supplies merchants, supplying tooling to manufacturing companies. As their children grew, Sarah-Jane came into the family business and began developing an online website back in 1996 and started selling online in 1997 with This was handed over to her brother Simon in 2000 who has continued to expand and develop the engineering consumables range.

In 2002, Sarah-Jane married and moved to Norfolk - starting another branch, devoted to selling multi fuel and wood burning stoves. She is a technical sales advisor and front of house for the Attleborough, Norfolk showroom and warehouse depot, with hundreds stoves in stock. Our range of stoves can be found at

Sarah-Jane has always had a passion for baking, and doubled the warehouse space in Attleborough in 2006 to make room for thousands of silicone cake baking moulds. Her blog ( ) began in January 2010 with Oliver her young son joining the fold as The Littlest Cake Tester. Sarah-Jane has designed a large range of silicone chocolate moulds and silicone cake moulds, all of which are registered designs under the name of Sarah-Jane's Kitchen

The Attleborough warehouse is staffed by Martin Lancaster, Colin Reeve and Kathryn McGee - all of whom will be able to help assist you with any order or enquiry you wish to make.

We do have a showroom which you are able to visit and view the majority of the stoves we sell, with several lit models on working display. 

We believe in being totally honest with customers and helping you assess your needs - to find the stoves and options that suit you most.... basically, we treat YOU the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

You'll never get a sales pitch - just a warm welcome and a cup of tea or coffee !

We firmly believe customers are more than capable of making their own choices and decisions. At Natural Heating, we are simply here to help, advise and show you the differences without bias between stoves and choices to allow you to make your own informed choices and decisions.

Natural Heating
T/a Templeton Tools & Machinery Ltd
Unit 5, Bunns Bank Ind Est
Attleborough, Norfolk
NR17 1QD

01953 452525

vat. no. 361 393944
registered company number 77414