Foraging Basket / Oval Trug With Hoop Handle

Foraging Basket / Oval Trug With Hoop Handle

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11 in stock, immediate despatch  

11 in stock, immediate despatch

Model:  HCP231

This medium Trug Basket is the perfect size for a variety of uses, such as; harvesting veg and fruit from your garden, flower picking, mushroom foraging, storing fire wood for your log burner or as a more traditional option for carrying your groceries home from the market. It could even make for a lovely centre piece for rustic weddings and events.

Length: 46cm / approx 18"
Width: 37cm / approx 14"
Height: 33cm / approx 13"

Please note - this listing is for the basket ONLY, any food shown in photo above are not inlcuded and are used as an example only.

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