Wood Flue Pipe Thermometer for Stoves - Magnetic - Sticks to Most Flue Pipes (Except Stainless)

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In stock, immediate despatch

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What is a flue pipe Thermometer? 

A flue pipe thermometer is a little magnetic thermostat that measures the flue gasses and indicates how best to burn your fuel. Using a flue damper along side a thermometer can prolong the burn time of your fuel, make help prevent over firing your stove. 

How to use a Thermometer 

The thermometer is magnetic. It is best to put the thermometer aprox. 12" from the top of the stove.

Flue thermometers measure the temperature of the flue gasses - not the temperature of the actual stove itself. 

This Flue pipe thermometer has 3 burning zones - 
'Too Low - Creosote'
'Best Operation - Burn Zone'
'Danger of Over Burning - Over Firing'

Once you have the stove up to the upper half of the 'best operation' section, turn the flue damper to about 3/4 of the way so that the fire calms down. This will prolong the burn time of your fuel making it much more efficient. Once the temperature drops to 'too low', open up the flue damper and the fire will roar up. 

With a little practice and experimenting, you will find the best operation for you. 
You will wonder how you ever managed without!